• At Armenia National SDG Innovation Lab we envision mainstreaming the culture of innovation and experimentation in policy making for sustainable development.

    The joint initiative of the Government of Armenia and the United Nations, supported by the UNDP in Armenia, the Lab aims to further unlock Armenia’s development potential and accelerate the implementation of the Agenda 2030.

    Currently, the SDG Lab is running “Innovative Solutions for SDG Implementation in Armenia” project funded by the Russian Federation and implemented in close partnership with the Government of Armenia. 

What we do 

Our team of innovators brings rigorous academic research and evidence into policy-making and prototypes “ready to scale” sustainable development solutions. We run experiments to provide policy-relevant insights and craft policy. We have a broad portfolio of innovation projects that address complex societal, environmental and economic challenges. 

How we work ?

The complexity and interconnectedness of Sustainable Development Goals require novel approaches, methodologies, strong data systems, and institutions that would have the capacity to provide ‘out of the box’ solutions for transformative impact.
At the heart of the Lab lie its innovation methods gleaned from a range of fields, including data science, behavioral insights, design-thinking, and systems-thinking. 

Why we do this ?

In our fast-changing world, the growing gap between emerging global challenges and existing practice of policy-making calls for a major rethink of governance that would be more adaptive to changes and would fit for the 21st century. 
The Lab is an attempt to come up with a new generation of policy solutions that support the government to have evidence-based policy-making for sustainable growth. The Lab’s successful model has served as an inspiration for the new generation of UNDP Accelerator Labs. The Labs will help their host-countries “leapfrog” rather than “catch up” in their development endeavors. We hope, the Lab model can further be replicated across the region and beyond.

Our network

In the spirit of SDG 17 “Partnerships for the Goals,” we believe in cross-sector partnerships that pave the way for new solutions and exchange of know-how to achieve the scale and impact necessary to leapfrog in development.

The team behind

We are a team of enthusiasts and troublemakers, who work to find innovative ways to maximise SDG achievement in Armenia.