To instill the “culture of experimentation” in public services and build a sustainable development growth path for Armenia, the Lab integrates and applies the following service lines.


The service integrates findings from psychology, sociology, law and neuroscience into economics to generate insights about the behaviour of individuals and the choices they make. The application of this methodology focuses on the behaviour of individuals related to key SDG sectors such as energy, healthcare, agricultural and, education, as well as cross-cutting issues such as gender inequality, tax evasion and climate change.  Behavioral Science can provide policymakers with the structured analytical framework to experiment and assess the effectiveness of policy options. 

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Digital technologies such as blockchain, satellite data and imagery, and social media are transforming our world. There is an ample reservoir of unexplored data in Armenia, which hold valuable insights for public policy. At the SDG Lab, we mine data and use artificial intelligence to inform policy, create predictive models and advance data-driven governance and decision-making for sustainable development. 

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To mainstream innovation in governance, there is a need to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and ownership in government that encourages public servants to experiment. At the SDG Lab, we aim to create a network of leading advocates of innovation for sustainable development. We encourage public servants to experiment and drive change by training them in the Lab’s most advanced public policy tools. 

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The Lab runs a series of flagship policy experiments. Learn about the full scope of our projects in detail.